Joy Entertainment, a media house is founded by Mr. Mayur Popat who believes in striving out best innovative ways of storytelling that inspires, entertains and motivates. A director and visualizer with more than 15 years of experience, Mayur and his team push their boundaries and bring to life the most unimaginable things. They aim to come out with something unique content in the world of entertainment in all the possible mediums. Thus bring excitement and Joy in everyone’s lives.

What We Do ?


To provide the most creative and innovative media solutions and ensure that our clients achieve maximum brand value. To strive and excite our clients by innovating themes and creating a world that they have never dreamt off and achieve a level of competency never thought off.


To attain a global recognition where we are looked upon as an organization whose accomplishments are embarked with pride, modesty and a sense of Joy.


To offer the most value driven ideas and concepts that are not only impactful but are trendsetters. Our strategy to infuse the energies of all the individuals who are vibrant, creative, techno enthusiast and extremely resourceful professionals and procure the themes, notions and concepts that become a trademark for our company.